Making Space Accessible To All Mankind

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Space Travel

We are planning to offer affordable and accessible space travel in a safe, comfortable & controlled way. Although this service is very much in its infancy, our aim is to provide a cost-effective and safe service within the next 15 years

Space Deliveries

We also plan to launch a space program that will help business owners to have their own equipment in space, housed in a satellite shell. This is a service aimed at large corporations that would benefit from having their equipment in space

Space Programs

We are already putting together our first space program, so that we can test our own equipment. Our first space program will be launching into the Inner Atmosphere. We will be posting about our first mission within our blog


Formed to deliver cost effective space programs worldwide 

The cost of space travel is astronomical ~ pun intended ~ and it is our aim to make deep space affordable, accessible & available to all.

Mankind has trawled Earth’s oceans for hundreds of years, so why can’t space travel be the same?

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to explore the stars, without it costing the hundreds of thousands of pounds that it currently costs to launch a rocket.

We aim to bring a range of space programs to offer to our customer base, that are not only cost effective but also safe.

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